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Fashion Shoot Catering in Pierre Cardin's House

For a first event of the year we couldn't have asked for a better start. We were catering for the models and crew for a fashion shoot for the Spanish brand Scalpers. They were an abslute delight from start to finish as clients.

The Building

Pierre Cardin's House called 'Palais Bulles' is an architectural wonder. Looking unlike any other building we have catered in. It is comprised of 22 dome shapes all different facing and all with circular windows overlooking the sea.

There is an amphitheatre there as well for live bands to play. I remember wathcing a Rolling Stones tribute band play there 10 years ago and now we set up the kitchen underneath catering for the models and crew so they could do there work.

The Shoot

The fashion shoot comprised of about 10 models and 20 crew. We set up the kitchen outside and brought a buffet of food for them to eat throughout the day.

There were people in full dive gear (with breathing apparatus) for the carrying the cameras into the pool and the models were walking in and out of the pool and also lounging around while photos were taken of them with this beautiful backdrop.

The models had come from all parts of Europe and it was a two day shoot. They were all lovely and were interested in our line of work. It was rather long hours and although they all were good shape, they sure did like to eat a lot!

We would love to come back to the Palais Bulles and do more catering for a photoshoot or whatever else they may do over there!

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