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2024 Events

We have many events on this year that we are looking forward to and already planning.

Our Schedule:


We will be starting the year with CANNES MIPIM. We have our fabulous clients from last year 'This is Mark'. And we will be providing catering services on an amazing rooftop terrace in the middle of Cannes. We like to provide everything for them from food, to cocktail mixology teams.


The CANNES FILM FESTIVAL starts off the summer season, although it is ironically one of the wettest times of the year! We always provide a weeks catering for DUTCH FILM WORKS. There is a fantastic buzz in the air and the streets are packed with people dressed in ball gowns and black tie ready to go and look at all the latest films via the red carpet.

The MONACO GRAND PRIX is on the 23rd - 26th May and is one of the best spectacles of our year. We will be providing full service catering on two yachts in the port. We get front row seats for one of the best races in the world. Our clients get to eat and drink a variety of cocktails and champagnes all day


We are getting into the middle of summer now and things start to heat up! We have our busiest week of the year with CANNES LIONS. Pretty much like the film festival but for creative and digital marketing. So the biggest companies in the world come down. We have catered for META and other companies just like it. The corporate events are big and full on. Companies want to show off in front of their rivals and we are there to make them stand out.

Our main client is AP-Live, and we have already started planning this years event. It takes a good 6 months to organise such an event.


We enter into WEDDING SEASON. Now the summer heat has waned and the school holiday have ended it really is the best time of year to get married. We have several weddings this year. Some have been in the works for a year already.


This is when the MONACO YACHT SHOW and CANNES YACHT SHOW are in full swing and we are in the port catering for companies that sell anything from engines fore yachts to the sound systems. It really is an exciting show seeing the new boats coming out.


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